Slow Computer Issues

A slow computer can be caused by any number of reasons. The most typical reason is due to virus and malware infection, but not always! A slow computer may also be due to a failing hard drive, defective memory or even a severely clogged cooling system.

In most cases this is caused by your computer not running correctly. Delaney Interactive can help you get the fastest speeds possible for your computer.  One of the most annoying things about computers is they always slow down over time. This is due to registry errors, useless junk files and programs that auto start that just don’t need to.  You might also have operating system issues that is causing system resources to run over.

It can be very hard for the average computer user to speed up a slow computer. There are hundreds of reasons and troubleshooting them all down can be a daunting task. While there are plenty of registry repair programs out there and system tune-up programs on the market, none of them will do as good of a job as a real live computer repair expert. If your computer is slow not because of the registry then you are going to be out the 40 or so bucks you spent there. Jumping around from product to product to resolve your slow computer issue is not the way to go and downloading “Free Tools” to solve your problems may only make them worse!

Regardless of the reason, a slow computer is very frustrating and it costs you time and money. Delaney Interactive can diagnose your issue and fix the problem for you all in the comfort of your home or office. We also offer Remote services and the convenience of dropping off your system so we can diagnose your issues while you run your errands!

Call us today and let us make your computer work like new again. Don’t put up with a slow computer or risk data loss one more minute! Call us now at 404-939-5577 and we’ll book an appointment for you usually the same day.