Cost & Common Services

Delaney Interactive intends to keep labor charges as low as possible while still maintaining a highly professional level of service. The standard rate is $25.00 diagnostic fee, which includes 1 hour of service (1 hour minimum) plus mileage in more remote locations, unless otherwise noted. This rate compares extremely favorably with most big chain computer repair services, plus you get the convenience of onsite, remote, or drop-off service!

We guarantee that you will NOT pay more for our service, if the cost of the repair would out weigh the cost of buying a new computer!  We will let you know what the cost would be and even help you transfer any data over to a new computer if that is the path you take.

The following is a list of common jobs

Diagnosis & Repair Service
We will diagnose, troubleshoot and repair a single device and diagnose any software issues you may have as well as make suggestions to what hardware upgrades would be most beneficial or required and provide you an estimate of their cost.



System Quote, Purchase, or Build
We will shop the best deals and provide you with the actual cost of the parts we need to build your system. We can work with you on the specifics but we make no money off of any parts parts we suggest.

This is a service only solution where everything is customize-able to your specific need!  You give us a budget, and we will build you the best PC your money can buy!

The best thing about building your own computer is that most parts manufacturers offer 3-5 year warranty!  Versus the one year you get from the Big Box Stores!


New Hardware Setup
Don’t know where to start with your new purchase?
Delaney Interactive will come to your home or office and professionally install your computer system, tablet, mobile device or networkable device, or we can diagnose software or hardware issues on one computer system or device.

We will also show you how to use your new device, and give you an opporunity to ask any questions you may have, or suggest future purchases for your growing needs!


PC Performance Tune 
We will remove unwanted programs and shortcuts and configure your computers startup to work the way you need it!  We will install critical updates for your operating system, Set your favorite browser and install or remove browser plugins to suite your needs.  We will setup and activate your pre-purchased antivirus software and make sure it is registered to you.

We can even direct you to some of the best AV software in the world!



Hard Drive Duplication & Backup Services
Do you have a drive going bad? Do you need to backup important photos and documents? Has the hard drive crashed? We can help!

Printer Setup & Diagnostic
Installation of a printer device either locally attached or wireless.


We do not charge for the time the software is doing the work, providing we are not on-site waiting for the software to complete in your home or office while we could be working on other machines during the same time.  We tend to discount our services more on drop-off services because of this factor. We only charge you for the work our hands and minds do to resolve your issue.